Telus World of Science

Whether you're a science buff or not, Telus World of Science will fascinate both you and the kids! You learn oh so much while simply having fun, so it's the absolute best combination for a day out. There's so much to do you better get there early to fit it all in!

the telus world of science building which is white and has a large oval shape on top with a large pathed pathway leading up to it

*Page last updated July 2022

Quick Facts

Adult (18+): $27.95
Youth (13 ‐ 17 with student ID): $23.95
Child (3 ‐ 12, 3 & under free): $20.95
Seniors (65+): $23.95

Mon ‐ Sun: 9AM ‐ 6PM

11211 142 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T5M 4A1

Things to Do

  • Featured Exhibit
  • Photo Exhibits
  • Indigenous Traditional Room
  • The Science Garage
  • Health Zone
  • Science Experiments
  • RASC Observatory
  • Events and Event Rentals
  • The Zeidler Dome
  • Imax Theatre
  • CuriousCity
  • Camps

What to Bring

  • Yourself and the Kids


  • The Galaxy Gift Shop
  • Purple Pear Restaurant
  • Washrooms
  • Change Tables
  • Stroller Accessible
  • Wheelchair Accessible

Telus World of Science: An Edmonton Parent's Experience

The Telus World of Science (formerly the Edmonton Space and Science Centre back in the day) is a great place to visit with the kids because it will entertain the parents, too. It's amazing all of the different things you can learn about in one go, and they make it fun to learn, which is the best part. From wobbly mirrors, to electricity generators, to featured exhibits, and then all of the facts you'll find with each display, you can't go wrong here. That's not all there is though, I could go on and on. You won't get bored here! It's great for all ages too, even my 2 year old had a great time, particularly in the CuriousCity area which seems geared towards the younger kids.

Edmonton's Telus World of Science Cost

While basic, general admission prices are listed above, it doesn't include the Zeidler Dome or the iMax theatre. You can get different pricing to include a show at either of those places, so if that's your plan, you may as well purchase the all inclusive price. There is also the option of a membership, which passes on more savings to you if you plan to visit often. You can get a full idea of their pricing structure on their website here.

The Featured Exhibit

The featured exhibit changes at least yearly which is awesome! making it worth visiting at least once a year to learn something new. When I went it was all about humanities trip to the moon. It featured videos and speeches from that time, as well as models of the space crafts and vehicles used to explore. So it's really more than just science, but our history, as well. I found it to add an extra special touch because there were facts about Edmonton, too, and the role our city played.

The Zeidler Dome and iMax Theatre

The Zeidler dome is a must visit if you haven't done that before. You'll get a lazer show of a lifetime, and it might even keep the littlest of littles entertained, too. Unfortunately the imax and zeidler dome are not included in basic admission so if you plan to go, you'll need to keep an eye on the clock so you can make it to your show of choice if you do choose to pay extra.
The imax theatre features a show that is about the current exhibit on display, but a lot more than that too. An imax show has clearer images and surround sound to give you a much more immersive experience than a regular movie theatre.
Make sure to check out their website page to find showtimes and hours for the Zeidler Dome and Imax.
Showtimes for the Zeidler Dome
Showtimes for the iMax Theatre
Hours for the Zeidler Dome and iMax Theatre


While you might not be able to stop and read all of the facts with a toddler, you might find that the littles will keep themselves entertained in CuriousCity. My daughter had an absolute blast! They have tubes that you can put balls into and watch them weave and roll through a maze like feature. They have play foam pieces to build whatever you like, and a really awesome water table, and so much more. The water table was a real hit. I didn't put a water jacket on my daughter at first (which they provide) but I totally should have because she loved it so much, I had to bribe her to leave when it was time to go.