Muttart Conservatory

The Muttart Conservatory is a place for both you and the kids to enjoy. With its beautiful scenery and vast collection of plants, take a stroll through the gardens in wonder as you discover tons of species of plants which are and aren't native to Alberta.

a building with the words muttart conservatory on the outside and a poto of colourful flowers

*Page last updated June 2022

Quick Facts

Child (Under 2): Free
Child (2‐12): $7.75
Youth/Senior: $12.95
Adult: $14.95

Membership Rates:
Child: (2‐12): $29.95
Youth/Senior: $44.95
Adult: $54.95
Family: $149.95

Wed ‐ Thurs: 10 AM ‐ 9 PM
Adult‐Only Hours: Wed 5 ‐ 9 PM
Fri ‐ Tues: 10 AM ‐ 5 PM

9626 96a St NW, Edmonton, AB T6C 4L8

Things to Do

  • 4 Pyramids to Explore
  • Feature pyramid with Changing Exhibit
  • Drop‐in Programs
  • Event Days
  • Parties and Event Rentals
  • Bouncy Cows
  • Animals to feed and view
  • Pumpkin Patch (mid September‐October)

What to Bring

  • Yourself and the Kiddos!


  • Culina Muttart Cafe
  • Marigold Gift Shop
  • Washrooms
  • Change Table
  • Stroller Accessible
  • Wheelchair Accessible

An Edmonton Parent's Experience

The Muttart Conservatory is a great place to bring your child for a quick afternoon out or stop. It's not a massive place, and because kiddos tend to have a shorter attention span, I wouldn't expect to spend a lot of time here. However, that's ok, especially if you live close by and just want to get out for a short while.

Mornings at Muttart Drop‐in Program

I purchased the membership so we could attend the drop‐in events regularly, but you don't need to have a membership to do that, you can just purchase admission. They host a kids corner every mon/wed/fri morning at 10:30 AM so it's a great way to engage your kid in others ways versus just walking around. They do sensory play, reading books, planting, games, crafts, and more. It's designed for ages 3‐5 but they won't turn you down if you have a younger or older child. They also provide a non‐facilitated play station that they call imagination station available on the same days as mornings at muttart which starts right after at 11am.

Making it Fun for the Littles

Since my daughter is only 2, we walk around, I admire the beauty, and she does too except she will get bored. So I ask her to find the purple flower, find the blue flower, etc. It makes it a bit more fun and engaging for her, and it slows her down a bit.