Monster Mini Golf

Get your spook on with a creepy game of Monster Mini Golf and then continue the fun with arcade games after. If you don't like clowns and monsters this might not be your place, unless you like a little thrill, then head on over!

a sign that says monster mini golf above two doors and windows darkened purple with spooky trees and a halloween themed girl and monster

*Page last updated July 2022

Quick Facts

11 & younger or under 5FT: $11.00
Teens & Adults: $13.95
Seniors (60+): $9.50

Mon ‐ Thurs: 12PM ‐ 9PM
Fri ‐ Sat: 12PM ‐ 10PM
Sun: 12PM ‐ 8 PM

3414 Gateway Boulevard, Edmonton, AB, Canada, T6J 6R5

Things to Do

  • 18 Hole Glow in the Dark Mini Golf
  • Arcade Games
  • Trivia

What to Bring

  • Yourself and some competition


  • Gift Shop
  • Washrooms
  • Change Table

Monster Mini Golf: An Edmonton Parent's Experience

Monster Mini Golf is a glow in the dark lover's dream place, in particular if you like horror and scary stuff too! Make sure you wear white in order to get the full glow in the dark effect! Even the golf balls are fluorescent. This might not be the best place for a toddler, since the theme is monsters, but it's not so scary for the older kids that they'll be shaking in their boots. I didn't take my toddler but a friend and I visited and had a great time!

Edmonton Monster Mini Golf's Halloween theme

What is extra awesome is the trivia they placed on the walls throughout, which is mostly Halloween themed. I mean the movie Halloween so if that's a fave for you, then you'll definitely win at that game! It was a fun way to spend the time in case you had someone ahead of you and you were waiting for them to finish. Although the staff will suggest that you skip ahead a hole, and then come back to it afterwards. We didn't do that though, we just replayed the same hole again or took our time with the trivia while we waited.

The Golf isn't Super Easy

Even for mini golf you needed to have some precision and there weren't many you could get on the first go, which is nice. The place isn't massive but the game took us an hour for sure with just two people. There were twists and narrow holes to aim for that would take you a few tries, at least. It progressively got harder as you went through all 18 holes.
I tried so hard to get the golf ball through the narrow holes but it didn't necessarily work out in my favour since my partner was pretty good at it. I lost the game, but not by much! It kept the competition rolling as we each made the decision to go the long way around or chance the shortcuts.

The Finale

The finale was a creepy clown head and you needed to get the ball either straight up through the mouth, or you could get it in on either side of the head. If your game is really close this could make it or break it for you since they say that if you get it through the mouth you only add 1 point. If you get it through the sides you need to add 3. So if you are able to get that last shot in you could turn the tables for yourself, or potentially lose the game.