Jurassic Forest

Visit Jurassic Forest for a roaring good time, and I mean literally! This lovely place is full of sensor activated dinosaur's which move and roar when you walk by. Whether you have a dino loving child or not, it's worth checking out.

a photo of the walkway at jurassic forest with lush greenery all around and a large brachiosaurus in the distance

*Page last updated June 2022

Quick Facts

2 & Under: free
Child (3‐12): $11.00
Youth(13‐17): $12.00
Adult: $17.00
Senior (60+): $13

Open 7 Days a Week
May 4 ‐ Thanksgiving
9AM ‐ 7PM (Final Entry before 6PM)

2‐23210 Township Road 564, Gibbons Alberta

Things to Do

  • Discovery Trails
  • Scavenger Hunt Sheets (ages 4 ‐ 7 and ages 8 ‐ 12)
  • Journey to Extinction Mini Golf ($10 per person without admission pass rates)
  • Active Learning, Dino Themed Playground
  • Party and Event Rentals

What to Bring

  • Bug Spray
  • Sunscreen


  • Cretaceous Concession
  • Gift Shop
  • Washrooms
  • Change Table
  • Stroller Accessible
  • Wheelchair Accessible

An Edmonton Parent's Experience

Whether you have a dinosaur loving child or not, Jurassic Forest is most definitely worth the visit. Its just soooo cool! I'm clearly a dinosaur lover, but the park is just a great place for a visit with the kiddos. I really love the trails they have created, it's a lovely walk and it's great fun to see the different kinds of dino's that existed in our world. The trails are about 2 Kilometres long and they have scavenger hunt sheets you can print off for ages 4 ‐ 7 and ages 8 ‐ 12. In addition to the large, life size like figures, there are also information signs throughout which give you some background about the dinosaurs, as well as various plants and insects.


The Daily Admission rates are listed above, but you can get a season pass which allows you to visit anytime. They also include a daily admission rate with the mini golf, which is a better deal if you plan on playing a game. They call it the combined adventure pass.

COMBINED ADVENTURE PASS (Daily Admission & Mini Golf)
Child (3‐12): $19
Youth (13‐17): $21
Adult: $25
Senior (60+): $21
Family of 4 (2 adults & 2 children/youth): $83
Family of 5 (2 adults & 3 children/youth): $102

Child (3‐12): $30
Youth (13‐17): $40
Adult: $50
Senior (60+): $40
Family of 4 (2 adults & 2 children/youth): $155
Family of 5 (2 adults & 3 children/youth): $185
*Children age 2 and under are free of charge*

The Location

Jurassic Forest isn't in Edmonton, but it is close by, located on the outskirts of Gibbons roughly 30 Kilometres away. GPS has always been a reliable way to get there but there are signs directing you to the right location too. I live closer to the outskirts of Edmonton and close to the highway so its only a 35 minute drive for me. It's not a bad trip, even if you lived on the opposite side of the city.

More Than Just Dino's

They do have more than just dino's, including a dinosaur themed playground in the central part of the park where the trails all start and eventually lead back too. They also have mini golf which was recently renovated in 2021 and a concession and gift shop. I always end up purchasing something from the gift shop, it's more than just toys! I found these adorable dino hooks for the wall, and they have dino themed clothing. There is a large selection so even the adults can bring home a little treasure.