About Edmonton Youth

mom and daughter photo The idea for this website came as I created a list of places to visit with my 2 year old. While I want to say making the list was all about the desire to show her new things and catch her interest. It is a lot about keeping her busy too, because the kid gets bored so easily. New environments and activities help keep things interesting and fun and with a toddler, can be a way to survive.

Edmonton Youth is here to provide you with a go to list for when you need to get your kid out of the house. Somewhere, anywhere, anything, let me help you! Toddlers and kids can be tough. They need changing environments and new experiences and hopefully this site can help you provide that for your child.

About the Website Owner

My name is Tanisha Hamelin and I am the owner and creator of Edmonton Youth. I own and have created many websites and have a toddler so this site really just makes sense for me. I get to share my personal lists with you and keep a neat and tidy resource for myself. So it’s a true win-win.

I’m also a born and raised Edmontonian and my daughter is now one too. We love this city and know it has a lot to offer because we’ve done a lot of exploring. Edmonton is a charming city and deserves to have all of its best features showcased. That’s why many of the places to visit might not be places created specifically for toddlers. You will have to decide for yourself before you go whether or not it would be a good place to take your child, toddler or not. (don’t worry, I provide lots of info to help you decide).

We know there’s a lot for us to still discover too. If you know of places or activities that should be on this site, please let me know by sending an email tanisha@tanishaeileen.com. Simply providing a name and a bit of info about the place/activities is a great help.

Kind Regards,
Tanisha Hamelin